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Whether you're celebrating a Jewish holiday or keeping a kosher household Sweet City Candy has all the dairy kosher candy and chocolates you need at unbeatably low wholesale prices, all delivered fast to your doorstep! Our kosher-certified products, made in accordance with Jewish dietary law, are perfect for celebrating the high holidays, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover Seder, Shavuot and Purim, or to celebrate Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah. And for Hanukkah we of course have top-quality kosher milk chocolate gold coins and gelt in mesh bags. 
Sweet City Candy has an enormous array of kosher candies and sweets like barks, brittles, buttercrunches, mints, chocolate-covered pretzels, ribbon candy, turkish taffy, break-up chocolate, patties, chips, caramel, butter creams, straws, clusters, milkies, cordials, croquettes, fancy fruits, fudge, toffee, graham crackers, kisses, malted milk balls,  chocolate covered peanuts, almonds, cashews and raisins, marshmallows, melting wafers, marzipan, nonpareils, jellies, s'mores, sixlets, truffles and much much more! All are kosher-certified! 
Looking for candy bars? Searching for a brand you know and trust to be kosher? We carry all the best kosher-certified brand names such as 100 Grand, 3 Musketeers, Almond Joy, Andes, Asher, Baby Ruth, Bit O Honey, Bogdon, Bonomo, Butterfinger, Cella's, Charleston Chew, Chips Ahoy, Chunky, Cracker jack, Elite, Fig Newton, Gimbal's, Goobers, Go Lightly Sugarfree, Goldenberg, Hershey's, Junior Mints, Kit Kat, Koppers, Linden, Nestle, M&M's, Milk Duds, Milky Way, Mr. Goodbar, Nutter Butter, Raisinets, Reese's, Rolo, Skybar, Snickers, Tootsie Roll, Twix, Whoppers and York among others.  
Need a specific shape for a birthday party, special occasion, Bar or Bat Mitzvah? We have kosher milk chocolate coins, baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, golf balls, miniature bars, earths, butterflies, cigars, stars and more! 
Our Milkies, Koppers, Sixlets and sugarfree candy come in every imaginable flavor and in every color of the spectrum!  
To start shopping for our dairy kosher candy, including kosher chocolate bars, gift boxes, lollipops, and more, please click on items below. If you have any questions about our kosher dairy candy selection, visit our FAQ section or contact us for more information. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our kosher products.

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    York Peppermint Pattie 36 Count

    $51.40 ($1.43 ea.)

    York Peppermint Patties 36 Count

    Order Peppermint Patties at Wholesale Prices

    York Peppermint Patties from Hershey offer the classic, unique, cool and refreshing combination of mint drenched in rich dark chocolate. Any time you crave the sensation that only Peppermint Patties can deliver, reach for the dark chocolate covered peppermint candy that takes you miles away from ordinary.

    York Peppermint Patties serve as the ideal snack to keep in your purse or on the desk at the office - so that you always have one whenever you are in need of its chocolaty and mouth-tingling freshness.  Take a mini vacation anytime, anywhere - bite into York Peppermint Patties.

    Peppermint Patties – 36-Count Box Sweet City Candy offers Peppermint Patties at our low wholesale price. Order today and add them to the store checkout counter at your retail store – or simply add them to your candy collection.  Purchase our 36-count box of Peppermint Patties now from Sweet City Candy and add it to your retail or candy store inventory. 


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  2. Yogurt Raisins 1 lb. Bag

    Yogurt Raisins 1 lb. Bag

    $4.99 ($4.99/lb.)

    Yogurt Raisins from Setton Farms, the sweet taste of raisins encased in creamy white yogurt. By the handful or by the bowl, these yogurt raisins are the perfect little anytime sweet fix.

    Kosher Dairy.

    Delivered in a 1 lb. bag.

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  3. Yogurt Peanuts 1 lb. Bag

    Yogurt Peanuts 1 lb. Bag

    $4.99 ($4.99/lb.)

    For a great candy crunch grab some Yogurt Peanuts from Setton Farms. Salty crunchy peanuts drenched in rich and creamy yogurt will turn every mouth into a smile.

    Delivered in a 1 lb. bag.

    Kosher Dairy.

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    Whoppers 5oz. Movie Theater Box

    $11.82 ($1.97 ea.)

    Whoppers - 5oz. Movie Theater Box from Hershey, the original classic malted milk ball. These treats come in movie theater sized box and are perfect for the movies or as a topping for your ice cream. Kosher Dairy. Packaged candy comes 6 boxes per pack. Learn More
  5. WHOPPERS 24ct

    Whoppers 24ct

    $37.30 ($1.56 ea.)

    Out of stock

    Whoppers (24ct) from Hershey's, the original malted milk balls smothered with milk chocolate. The perfect treat for movie watching or as garnish on ice cream. Kosher Dairy. Boxed candy comes 24 pieces per case. Learn More
  6. Wasabi Peas 1 lb. Bag

    Wasabi Peas 1 lb. Bag

    $5.59 ($5.59/lb.)

    Wasabi Green Peas, high quality, fresh and unique crispy green peas. These perfectly spiced wasabi peas make the perfect delicious and nutritious snack.

    Delivered in a 1 lb. bag

    Kosher Dairy

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  7. Vanilla Caramels With Sea Salt

    Vanilla Caramels With Sea Salt


    Try Vanilla Caramels with Sea Salt for a truly delicious candy snack experience. Chewy chocolate caramels dunked in special recipe milk or dark chocolate and sprinkled with high-quality sea salt. The ultimate combination of sweet chocolate and salt. You will not be able to resist this chocolate candy treat. Learn More
  8. Vanilla Caramels

    Vanilla Caramels


    Vanilla Caramels from Asher Chocolates are covered with lush milk and dark chocolate. There are approximately 25 pieces per pound. Learn More

    Twix Miniature Bars

    $37.50 ($7.50/lb.) As low as: $33.75

    Miniature Twix bars from M&M/Mars are the perfect bite-sized treat. With thick creamy caramel and crisp crunchy cookie all wrapped in rich savory chocolate, how could anyone say no?

    Sold in bulk, delivered in a 5 lb. bag.

    There are approximately 44 pieces per pound.

    Kosher Dairy

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  10. TWIX CARAMEL 36ct

    Twix Caramel 36ct

    $56.00 ($1.56 ea.)

    Out of stock

    Twix Caramel 36 Count

    Order Twix Bars at Low Wholesale Prices

    Twix caramel cookie bars from M&M/Mars offer not just one caramel and cookie combo covered in milk chocolate – but two! As if the crisp and crunch cookie, rich milk chocolate and creamy caramel of one bar were not enough to savor, Twix went out on a limb to deliver seconds.

    Everyone knows Twix caramel bars, and everyone loves them! Twix bars are the original chocolate caramel cookie bar that always entices and never goes out of style. One of the most popular candy bars in the world, people enjoy the Twix caramel candy bar as an on-the-go snack that delivers a caramel, cookie and chocolate triple threat - twice over.

    Twix Candy Bars – 36-Count Box

    Order Twix candy bars from Sweet City Candy at our low wholesale prices. We now offer a 36-count box of individually wrapped candy bars to stock the shelves of your retail or candy store.

    Sweet City Candy is your wholesale candy headquarters. Enjoy Twix bars delivered fast, right to your door at low wholesale prices. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 206 total

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Shipments to Continental US only.

UPS Ground Only. Perishable items require UPS 2 Day shipping at additional cost.

All Standard customer terms and conditions apply. May not be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited.

Terms of this offer may change at any time.