Top 10 Favorite #Vegan Candies! 10 Favorite #Vegan Candies!

It’s been a crazy long time since we’ve done a top 10 list of any sort. Remember our top 10 favorite sour candies? That list has grown to 12, BTW, and you can check it out here to see if your favorite is on the list. Today we’re doing a brand new top ten list for vegan candy! Life can be hard sometimes for people who follow a vegan diet..

Get Ready For Valentine’s Day With These Sweet Treats! Ready For Valentine’s Day With These Sweet Treats!

Five weeks to go until Valentine’s Day! What do you do to celebrate? We’re getting pretty excited around here because Valentine’s Day candy is just so much fun and seeing shipment after shipment go out to spread the love on Feb. 14 makes us oh-so-happy. Let’s take a poll: What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat? Conversation Hearts Heart-Shaped Chocolate Boxes Valentine’s Lollipops Chocolate Roses Other? Guess what? No matter.

Improve Office Snacks With These Goodies! Office Snacks With These Goodies!

Are you in charge of ordering snacks for your office? Do you hate the responsibility for finding snacks that everyone wants to nosh on? Well, we’re here to help you! We have a great selection of bulk snacks on our store website that are sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings for a mid-afternoon boost. Here are some of our favorite! Cracker Jacks These 1 ounce boxes (24-pack) of Cracker Jacks will.

It’s Not Too Late To Order Bulk Cookies For Christmas Gifts!’s Not Too Late To Order Bulk Cookies For Christmas Gifts!

We’re getting down in the crunch time for Christmas – only two shopping weekends left! How prepared are you? Do you still have gifts to buy for your boss, co-workers, teachers, mail man, housekeeper, babysitter or others whom you feel you should acknowledge in some way but you don’t want to break the bank? There is no need to worry your pretty little heads about what to buy them –.

Thanksgiving Candy Countdown! Candy Countdown!

We are officially 4 weeks and counting until Thanksgiving! Here’s your checklist to see how prepared you are: 1) Are you having friends and family over, or are you going somewhere? 2) Do you know the menu? 3) Have you bought Thanksgiving candy? You probably know the answers to 1 and 2, but that’s the status of #3? We’re getting pretty close to T-Day and you’re not going to want.

Happy Halloween! Halloween.pngHappy Halloween!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day!

We hope you all feel loved on this Valentine’s Day! Here is a poem just for you called “Candy Love” by Terra McDonald. Fly away with me my dove To a forbidden place where the skittles meet the rainbow Lay under the milky way with me And lets gaze at the star burst together Just you and me, sweet bliss When the moon begins to eclipse we’ll be in each.

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas! Everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from your friends at Sweet City Candy!  

Welcome to the New Sweet City Candy! to the New Sweet City Candy!

Do you notice anything different about us? Hmmmm???? That’s right, we got a makeover!  We’ve been working on if for, oh, about a year now. It’s been a big week, to say the least, and our blog is not the only new thing about the Sweet City Candy brand. Our logo is also new: And, the biggest change of all – have you been to our Store Website? If you.

Blast From the Past: Vintage Life Savers Ads!

Blast From the Past: Vintage Life Savers Ads!

Some of these Life Savers vintage ads are pretty much pieces of art these days, don’t you think?  I would probably put these in nice frames and hang these on the walls of my kitchen. What do you think? Do you remember these? This one is from the 1940s and is about “chasing the Gremlins” away. Here is a little history of what kind of Gremlins this ad is referring.