Super Hero Themed Party Candy Buffet Ideas Hero Themed Party Candy Buffet Ideas

Super Hero Themed Party Candy Buffet Ideas

If you’re having a Super Hero Themed Party, use this guide for an eye-catching and colorful candy buffet table.

One of our all-time most popular posts was our “S is for Super Hero Parties”. In that post we detailed so many fun games and decorations that are sure to make for an excellent and exciting super hero themed party.

On of the most common tips for  Super Hero Party is to use primary colors Рred, yellow and blue. These are classic super hero colors and very easy to find at your local party store.

With this post, we wanted to circle back and provide you with some more details on having an awesome Super Hero Candy Buffet for the guests! We’ve made this ultra easy for you – here’s what you do:

Stick with candy that is red, yellow and blue

Use a combination of sizes for variety – like Gum Balls, Pearlettes, Gummy Bears and Rock Candy. Here is a great illustration below:

Super Hero Party Candy

Candy Buffet Ideas for a Super Hero Themed Party

Look how amazing that is! The real-life party pictures in that image come from – who also is responsible for the amazing printables, which you can purchase from that site.

Here are links for where to purchase each of the candy items shown above from our online candy store:

Gum Balls: Red | Yellow | Blue

Pearlettes: Red | Yellow | Blue

Rock Candy: Red | Yellow | Blue

Gummy Bears: Red | Yellow | Blue

Make sure you click on the original post here to get all of the details on fun games, decor and other party ideas!

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