Events A to Z: S is for Space Parties! A to Z: S is for Space Parties!

OMG, I am having so much fun with today’s post. Just a cursory search on Pinterest for “Space Party” and I have hit the mothership motherload of party pics and ideas.

Now I definitely want to have a Space themed party for my kids. They look like so much fun!

With a Space party, you have a lot of room for being super creative. Order a 10-pack of cardboard boxes from Amazon and you can build each party guest a personal rocket ship. Tape some askew teardrop shaped pieces of paper to a balloon and you have an alien. Turn some two-liter bottles upside-down and spray-paint them silver and you have a jet pack!

Here are some of my favorite ideas so far (find lots MORE on our Pinterest Board “Space Party Ideas” here!)

Space CakeSpace Cake! No, not THAT kind of Space Cake. Get your mind out of the gutter. Although … that would be pretty cool for a grown up party. Hmmmm… {Photo Source: Link}

Galaxy BarkI’ll have some more of that trippy “Galaxy Bark” please! {Photo Source: Link}

Rocket Photo BoothBest party photo booth I’ve ever seen. Look at that kid’s face! Pure joy. {Photo Source: Link}

Dessert TableLOVE this sweets table. The backdrop is Out-of-This-World! {Photo Source: Link}

So, of course there are SO MANY great candies that go with a Space Theme and would make an amazing candy buffet. It seems like the major colors of a Space party are green, blue and black, so we’ve made some candy selections based on that, and other candy selections based on the theme.

Space Themed Candy Buffet

{Photo Credits: Flying Saucers in Jar – Catch My Party; Rock Candy Display with “Meteorite” Tags – ¬†Kara’s Party Ideas; Milky Ways in Jar – The Laws of My Life Blog}

Starting at the top, here is what you’re looking at with links to the pages on our store website:

Have you had a space themed party for your children? Let us know what you did to make it out of this world!

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