Monster Cookie Sandwiches with Birthday Cake M&Ms! Cookie Sandwiches with Birthday Cake M&Ms!

Wowza, these Monster Cookie Sandwiches with Cake Batter M&Ms from Beyond Frosting look delicious! A perfect back to school treat to make for your kiddos to enjoy after a hard day at school.

Monster Cookies 3

Monster Cookies with Cake Batter M&Ms 1

Amiright? Let’s give a round of applause to Beyond Frosting for making her yummy Monster Cookies into Cookie Sandwiches by adding vanilla frosting and extra sprinkles!

These cookies feature one of my absolute favorite new products out there from M&Ms. Have you tried the M&Ms Birthday Cake candies yet? If you haven’t, this is something you should do immediately. You can buy them here.

These are delectable M&Ms filled with yummy birthday cake flavoring!

M&M Birthday Cake

If the sandwiches are a little too much for you, then you can stick with making the regular cookies, which are a delight all on their own.

Monster Cookies with M&Ms 2See? With or without the frosting sandwich aspect, these are a winning treat!

Get the recipe from Beyond Frosting here at this link!

All cookie photography is from Beyond Frosting.



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