Events A to Z: S is for Superhero Parties! A to Z: S is for Superhero Parties!

Superheros never go out of style and as each new generation of young people grows up, they reinvent and reproduce superhero stories, movies, cartoons and comics all over again. Little kids LOVE to play the fantasy that they have super powers and can fight “bad guys” (who doesn’t love that fantasy even as an adult?).

So Superhero themed birthday parties are still trending big time, and for good reason – they’re so much fun!

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning a Superhero Party.

- Primary colors are the best. Red, yellow and blue are classic superhero colors and are really easy to build a party motif around. From decor to candy to food to games, sticking to these colors will make it simpler for you.

- If you feature a superhero whose costume is not red, yellow, or blue, it’s no problem – they all basically match.

- The vintage comic book accessories like “Pow!” and “Bang!” and all that jazz are always cool and always a great way to add a comic vibe to your party decor.

- Providing superhero masks and capes for the kids is a huge plus (or ask guests to arrive dressed as their favorite superhero). Everyone really easily gets into the theme with a little help from fun costumes and masks.

- A “Gotham” type city scape made of cardboard boxes or card stock makes a great backdrop for a buffet table.


Red Yellow and Blue Candy

Batman Cookies

Cupcakes and Candy Bags

Sweets Table 1

Photo Sources: Comic Pinwheels with Circle Tags; Red Yellow and Blue Candy; Batman Cookies; Cupcakes and Candy Bags, Sweets Table

See what I mean? Fun with a capital F!

And Superhero parties give way to a huge selection of games and activities for party-goers. My personal favorite is the Yarn “Laser” Obstacle Course seen below (probably because the little Spiderman is taking the challenge VERY seriously).

Flying Photo Booth

Hulk Hand Smash

Laser Yarn Course

Superman Cut OutPhoto Sources: Laser Yarn Course; Superman Cut Out; Hulk Hand Smash; Flying Photo Booth

You also have a super creative photo booth of kids flying Superman-Style over a city, as well as an awesome Hulk Hand Smash game and a Superman Body Cut Out that I’d like to just have in my living room.

And, there are some candies that go really well with this theme too. We’ve seen gum balls, gummy bears, and Pearlettes above. But if Superman is featured at your party, Green Rock Candy is a MUST to have on hand because it makes for such great kryptonite.

We have a huge board on Pinterest with TONS more inspiration and ideas for a Superhero party. Click here to check it out!

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