Boy Party Trend – Trash Bash! (Garbage Truck Themed Party!) Party Trend – Trash Bash! (Garbage Truck Themed Party!)

Today we’re featuring an emerging trend in party themes for little boys. Everyone knows little boys are obsessed with trucks or all sorts, but the garbage truck has a special allure. Is is the man hanging off the back? Is it the fact that they takeaway our icky, smelly garbage? Or is it just a cool, big truck?

Whatever it is, we’re seeing a number of parties lately not only focusing on the garbage truck, but taking the party to a whole other level by calling it a “Trash Bash!”

Today’s Event of the Week is from Lauren Haddox Designs, and is a fabulous example of how much fun a Trash Bash can be. She nailed the decor and the printables, using green, black and silver colors, then decorated the party with, well, trash. Take a look.


Trash Bash Welcome Sign

Trash Bash Welcome Balloons

Trash Bash Water

Trash Bash Treat Signage

Trash Bash Sweets Table 2

Trash Bash Signage

Trash Bash Place SettingOk, so the “trash” decor is actually really cute and tastefully done. The crushed soda cans, newspapers, black garbage bags, old-fashioned silver trash cans – all of it is adorable and perfect for a “Trash Bash.”

Lauren Haddox, the event stylist behind this awesome party, also created all of the printables too! The printable package for this party (including the invitation, cupcake toppers, favor tags, water bottle labels, etc.) can be purchased on her Etsy page here.

I also love the cardboard boxes, egg cartons, tin cans and old milk cartons as part of the table set-up too. It’s a very resourceful way to display the food.

Lauren got super creative with the naming of all the foods too. Dorito Debris, Waste Yard Water, Filthy Fruit, etc. Here are some close-ups of the food.

Trash Bash Water

Trash Bash Truck Cookie

Trash Bash Sweets Table

Trash Bash Sugar Cookies

Trash Bash Snacks

Trash Bash Lunch Table

Trash Bash Krispie Treats

Trash Bash Junk Yard Juice

Trash Bash Jelly Beans

Trash Bash Green Gummies

Trash Bash Dirt Cups

Trash Bash Cupcakes

Trash Bash Cookies

Trash Bash Chocolate Miniatures

Trash Bash Cake Pops

Trash Bash Cake 2

Trash Bash CakeLove that cake! And wow – so many sweet options, I bet those kids were on a sugar high the whole afternoon! Lauren used Green Sixlets as the base for displaying the cookies, as well as some green jelly beans and gum drops, and miniature chocolates with custom wrappers on them.

The kids also could choose between that awesome cake, those amazing trash can cake pops, sugar cookies, chocolate covered Oreos, Rice Krispie Treats, cupcakes, AND dirt cups! Yowza!

And, for one of my favorite activities for a kids party, there were extra unfrosted sugar cookies that the kids were able to decorate themselves with frosting and sprinkles! Fun!

Trash Bash Cookie DecoratingLauren was no slouch on coming up with really cool “trash” based games for the group of 4-year-olds, either. Some of the games included building cardboard box towers, a Trash Can Toss game, and knocking over tin can towers with a ball. All of these games are perfectly appropriate for the 4-year-old set and tons of fun.

Trash Bash Trash Toss Game

Trash Bash Tin Can Toss GameAfter looking at these party picks, it’s no wonder that Trash Bash parties for little kids are a huge upcoming trend.

Thank you so much, Lauren, for sharing these photos with us!

If you want to keep tabs on what Lauren is up to, follow her on Facebook at this link. You also might want to check out her website, as well as her store on Etsy.





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  1. Amanda August 21, 2015 | Reply
    this is perfection! My son is obsessed with garbage trucks!

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