Events A to Z: Q is for Queen of Hearts Themed Parties! A to Z: Q is for Queen of Hearts Themed Parties!

One of the greatest things about Alice in Wonderland is the amazing variety of party themes that come out of it. You can do Classic Alice (think book illustrations), Disney Alice, Mad Hatter Tea Parties, Dark Alice (think Jabberwoky) but my all time favorite type of Alice Party is definitely focused on the Queen of Hearts.

This character is so much fun to base a party around because she is a unique yet lovable villain. She’s funny and fun to watch, and has defining characteristics that make planning a Queen of Hearts party simple.

Let’s look at some of those characteristics:

- She’s the Queen of Hearts from the deck of cards, so you can include some casino-style decorations, especially for an adult party.

- It is apparently really fun to dress up as her. A quick search for “Queen of Hearts Costumes” on Pinterest left me blown away at all of the different ways you could take the costume and make-up aspect. From little tutus for small girls, to full length ball gowns, to the predictable “slutty Queen”, there are TONS of options

- Red roses were a big issue for the Queen of Hearts, especially in the Disney movie, so this makes your centerpieces and some of your decor pretty easy. I came across a TON of Red Rose Cupcakes and Cakes on Pinterest, too, which could really add a fun element to your sweets table.

- Black, white and red and her dominating colors, but you also see some yellow in there too. These are really great colors to work with for your decor and your food. You could easily do a candy buffet with all red and white candy and use your serving trays, tablecloths, and other tableware to fold in the black and yellow colors for a really cool effect.

I’m sure you want to see some photos of what we’re talking about, don’t you?

Heart Shaped Cake Pops

Heart- shaped cake pops in an antique tea pot!

Welcome Table Setting

Welcome Table Setting

Queen and Cat Props

Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat Photo Props

Queen of Hearts Egg

Queen of Hearts Egg

Rose Bush Cake

Rose Bush Cake

Queen of Hearts Table Setting

Queen of Hearts Dining Table Setting

Queen of Hearts Favor Boxes

Favor Boxes

Queen of Hearts Dessert Table

Dessert Table

Queen of Hearts Adult Party Costume

Adult Party Costume

Queen of Hearts Kids Party Costume

Kid’s Party Costume

See what I mean about how versatile this party theme can be?

I we also want you to know how easy it is to match candy with this theme as well. Here are your must haves:

Queen of Hearts Candy

If you want tons more ideas and inspiration check out our Queen of Hearts Party Ideas board on Pinterest! We’ve compiled decoration, candy, food, backdrops, costumes and tons of other great ideas to help you throw the PERFECT Queen of Hearts themed party!

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