Zip Zop Bippity Bop! It’s a #Butterfinger Pudding Pop! Zop Bippity Bop! It’s a #Butterfinger Pudding Pop!

You all remember Bill Cosby pushing those delicious Jell-O Pudding Pops back in the 1980s, right? Now you can make your very own Butterfinger Pudding Pop!

Bill Cosby Pudding PopOh, the memories this brings back!

These new-age Butterfinger Pudding Pops from Beyond Frosting look a whole lot better than the old-school ones that Bill Cosby sold.

Butterfinger Pudding Pops from Beyond FrostingThis is seriously one of the easiest recipes that I think we’ve had on our Recipe of the Week series. There are very few ingredients but TONS of flavor. And you get to use one of my all time favorite candy bars – Butterfingers!

To get the recipe and to see more mouth-watering photos, click here to And let us know how you like them!

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  1. Nancy July 4, 2015 | Reply
    What size is the jar (should that be can) of sweetened condensed milk? This is for the Butterfingers Pudding Pops. Thank you for sharing.
  2. admin July 6, 2015 | Reply
    Hi Nancy! I believe the standard size can/tin is 395 grams. I would use that one. Thanks!

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