Lego Batman is the Perfect Character to Build a Boy’s Birthday Party Around! Batman is the Perfect Character to Build a Boy’s Birthday Party Around!

Everyone has seen The Lego Movie by now, right? If you haven’t, it is a must watch immediately for kids and adults. We have the DVD and watch it frequently with our 5 year old son all the time. Hand-down his favorite character is Lego Batman, whose every line is hilarious and sends my son into fits of giggles.

Basically any question I ask my son is answered with some version of the “We’re here to see your butt” line that Lego Batman says in the movie. Classic.

Also, I just have to ask you readers out there – are your kids drawn to the “President Business” philosophy that every Lego masterpiece needs to stay the same and never change or be played with again? Because I have dozens of little Lego treasures all over the house that my son has deemed “complete” and therefore no one is ever allowed to play with those pieces again. The moral of the movie went right over his head.

My son’s love for the movie (despite identifying with the villain) is one of the reasons I was so drawn the this Lego Batman birthday party from One Swell Studio. It is ingenious to build an entire party around this theme. A Lego Party is super cool and a Batman party is also super cool. So what could be cooler than a whole party based on Lego Batman? Nothing!

One Swell Studio hosted this party for a young boy turning four and really knocked it out of the park with all of the details.

Let’s look at some party pictures to get started.

Lego Batman Cake

Lego Batman Candy Lego Bricks

Lego Batman Chocolate Covered Oreos

Lego Batman Chocolate Legos

Lego Batman Dessert Table

Lego Batman Dessert Table 2

Lego Batman Gotham Gumballs

Lego Batman Juice and Straws

Lego Batman Juice Boxes

Lego Batman Lego Candy in Cups

Lego Batman Mini Chocolates

Lego Batman Pop Rocks

Lego Batman Rock Candy Sticks

Lego Batman Sugar CookiesFirst of all, the colors – black, white, blue, yellow and silver – are so striking and perfect for a Batman party. I like that Cara, the mastermind behind One Swell Studio, used a lot of blue in the decorations and printables. A lot of Batman parties are primarily yellow and black, but because the birthday boy is so young including lots of blues and whites make the decor more suitable for the little guests.

There are so many great goodies on this dessert table, too! In addition to the amazing cake and cookies, Cara served up a lot of great candy choices!

Any Lego party has to have hard candy Lego bricks. I love how Cara served these in a bowl as well as in black and white polkadot cupcake cups.

Other candy included Pop Rocks, Rock Candy, Gum Balls (Yellow and Blue), and Miniature Chocolates with customized wrappers.

And Cara made excellent goody bags for her little guests too!

Lego Batman Favor Boxes

Lego Batman Goody Bag Items

Those gable boxes with the polka dots are adorable!

Did I hear you ask for more pictures of the decor and printables? Ok, no problem!

Lego Batman Tassel Garland

Lego Batman Place Setting

Lego Batman Invitation

Lego Batman Decorations

Lego Batman Banner

Lego Batman BackdropOne Swell Studio’s specialty is in custom party printables, so it’s only natural that these would be stand-out elements from this party. If you plan to do a Lego Batman party, the printable package is available on One Swell Studio’s Etsy page. You can see it at this link. The package includes all of the goodies like the invitation, banner, tags, wraps, signs and more!

Not only was the decor and food amazing for this party, but Cara came up with some excellent activities for her little superheroes too!

They included:

Superhero Obstacle Course

Lego Batman Activity Superhero Obstacle Course

Lego Batman Activity Superhero Obstacle Course 2


Rebuilding Gotham City with Legos

Lego Batman Activity Rebuilding GothamBatman Tattoos

Lego Batman Activity Bat TattoosAnd Creating Giant Bubble “Force Fields”

Lego Batman Activity Forcefield BubblesThese activities look like hits all around!

If you want to keep up to speed with One Swell Studio, I recommend following their Facebook page and book marking their Etsy store page.

Thank you so much Cara and One Swell Studio for sharing this awesome party with us!




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