This Rustic Black, White and Tiffany Blue Dessert Table is a Classic and Timeless Design! Rustic Black, White and Tiffany Blue Dessert Table is a Classic and Timeless Design!

One of the most timeless and classic wedding color palettes is also one of my absolute favorites – black, white and Tiffany blue. A bride and groom can’t go wrong with this color scheme, and today for our Event of the Week we’re going to show you an example of a wedding dessert table taken in the “rustic” direction that is simply stunning.

This table was designed by Favor Boutique by Angelique out of Antelope, California (Sacramento area). Angelique is a master-craftswoman dealing in the trade of custom party favors. She’s especially talented in making incredible soaps in fascinating shapes, colors and themes. Seriously, people – go to her Etsy page and check it out. My favorites are the corset soaps, the popcorn, and the handguns. You read that right – soap in the shape of pistols for a wedding with a printable that says “You Have The Right to Remain MINE!” Go see for yourself!

But this wedding that we’re talking about today not only has great handmade soap favors from Angelique (Tiffany blue cowboy boots!), but a really amazing dessert table and candy buffet that takes our breath away and displays a few excellent tips and tricks to putting together a great display like this on your own.










tiffany20So many great ideas in this set up (and we haven’t even shown you the CANDY yet!).

To make this display “rustic”, I love the raw wooden tree stumps as serving trays for the cake-pops, cupcakes and pie. And using wooden wine crates as a display for additional sweets is a great touch with loads of rustic charm.

One thing that I don’t see too often in cupcake displays is the use of double cupcake holders like we see above. I really like this idea, and here’s why. When you bake a cupcake and use a really fun and fancy cupcake holder, the paper always gets moist and oily, and it loses a lot of the color  and pizzazz when you bake it. Angelique has baked these cupcakes in basic white wrappers, then displayed them in fancy wrappers. This is a really smart way to display cupcakes because you’re eliminating the possibility of being disappointed that your creative and colorful cupcake holders didn’t hold up throughout the process.

And now for that candy table!



tiffany21Here is what you’re looking at:

Angelique uses another less common (but super smart) technique for keeping your candy buffet coordinated with your event’s colors. Although she didn’t use any candy that is Tiffany blue, in each of the candy jars she has padded the bottom with Tiffany blue paper, which adds a nice, consistent visual touch to each candy jar and reinforced the color palette.

This, coincidentally, is also a great tip if you happen to have candy jars that are too big for the amount of candy that you’ve purchased!

We know you want to see those cowboy boot soap favors, too. So here they are!


For more information about Favor Boutique by Angelique, follow her shop on Facebook at this link. And to order some of her custom made soap for an upcoming event, check out her Etsy shop here.

Thank you so much, Angelique, for sharing these awesome photos with us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Other vendors from this event include:



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