Events A to Z: P is for Peter Pan Themed Parties! A to Z: P is for Peter Pan Themed Parties!

One of my all-time favorite movies is Peter Pan. I had the privilege of introducing my little boys to this movie and I was so happy that they were as enthralled and captivated as I was.

Working in the candy / event planning industry, I’m so happy to see that the magic of Peter Pan has not been lost. In fact, it is still in such high demand that frequently on the party blogs and Pinterest there are myriad Peter Pan / Captain Hook / Tinkerbell themed parties being enjoyed out there.

Take a look:


Do you Believe Sign

Favor Bag

Hook Ring Toss

Pirate Table Setting

Pixie Juice

Pixy Sticks

Rock Candy

(Visit out Pinterest Board titled “Peter Pan Party Ideas” for these images and sources, along with many more!)

 Here are some things to remember when you put together your own Peter Pan themed party:

- Peter Pan colors are traditionally green and brown with little bits of red (like Pan’s outfit). But depending on what angle you take for your party – Pirates, Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, etc. – you might find yourself adding in more black and red for the pirates, or pinks and purples for Tinkerbell and the mermaids.

- There are so many cool games to be played at a Peter Pan themed party! The Hook Ring Toss (photo above) is my favorite. But you can also create a simple “Walk the Plank” game, or Pirates Tug of War.

- Because there are so many types of characters in Peter Pan (Pixies, Mermaids, Indians, Pirates, Lost Boys … ) you can easily come up with stations at your event, each with a different food or activity.

- I love the idea of every guest having a hat or prop from a character. You can supply your party with Pan hats, Fairy Wings and Hooks for the kids to choose from.

- Candy for your dessert table should be theme-appropriate with maybe some gold coins for pirates’ treasure, green and brown candy to match, and rock candy for special treats. But the one candy that you absolutely must have is this:

Pixie Sticks

Pixy Sticks! (Buy them here: Because no Peter Pan party is complete without some “Pixie Dust.”

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