We’ve Got A “Candy Crush” on Tara Berger from One Stylish Party!

http://www.sweetcitycandy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Tassel-Backdrop-from-Etsy.jpghttp://www.sweetcitycandy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Tassel-Backdrop-from-Etsy.jpghttp://www.sweetcitycandy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Tassel-Backdrop-from-Etsy.jpghttp://www.sweetcitycandy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Tassel-Backdrop-from-Etsy.jpghttp://www.sweetcitycandy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Tassel-Backdrop-from-Etsy.jpghttp://www.sweetcitycandy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Tassel-Backdrop-from-Etsy.jpghttp://www.sweetcitycandy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Tassel-Backdrop-from-Etsy.jpgWe’ve Got A “Candy Crush” on Tara Berger from One Stylish Party!

We’re so excited to introduce a new feature on our blog to all of you today! It’s called “Candy Crush” and, no, it has nothing to do with that insanely addicting Facebook / smartphone game.

What “Candy Crush” means to us is someone in our world who we’re big time crushing on because this person is doing fabulous things in their field. In this feature, we’re going to bring you an interview with one of our “crushes” so you can get to know this wonderful person better and see some fabulous things that are going on in the event / candy / sweets world.

Today, the person who we’re really sweet on is Tara Berger from One Stylish Party!

OSP_Headshot_New sml

We love Tara and One Stylish Party because

1) she knows hows to throw a darn good party and

2) she is absolutely fabulous to work with.

You may know Tara from other posts on our blog about the fabulous Little Red Caboose party that she did earlier this year (it was featured in Carousel Magazine and Hostess with the Mostess). It is one of her favorite parties (and ours too), and it happens to feature chocolate covered pretzels from our store. Remember this?

OSP_Little_Caboose_Party smlYup, Tara’s the mastermind behind this awesome party. So naturally we wanted to get to know her better, and you should too! Here’s the interview…

Sweet City Candy (SCC): What got you started in this business?

Tara Berger (TB): I have always had a passion for crafting and DIY projects (long before Pinterest ever existed!) which naturally drew me to the event / party industry.  After falling in love with the creative rush that came with planning the details of my wedding, followed shortly by my children’s’ birthday parties, I began to search for an outlet for my creative energy.

With the popularity of DIY details on the rise, I decided to open an Etsy shop to share my designs and love of crafting with those who crave handmade party details, but don’t necessarily have the time or interest to DIY it themselves. My website and shop launched in August 2012 and I’ve never looked back!

SCC: What has been your favorite job to work on and why?

TB: It is so hard to pick a favorite since I really pour my heart and soul into every project I work on! The last event I designed was a rescue patrol party for my four year old son which turned out to be such a memorable and fun day for the guest of honor (he is still talking about it 3 ½ months later!). Some highlights of the party included a real vintage fire truck, adorable wooden toys from Pottery Barn Kids used in the dessert display, themed desserts to represent the various aspects of a rescue patrol (policemen, firemen, construction workers and paramedic) and lots of personal details to appeal specifically to my son. And as an added bonus, the party was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Building Blocks by Pottery Barn Kids.  

OSP_Rescue_Patrol_Party smlThe fabulous Rescue Patrol Party dessert table!

SCC: Who would be your dream client (or your dream job) and why?

TB: I feel very fortunate that I have already had the opportunity to collaborate with one of my dream brands, Pottery Barn Kids. I absolutely love their products and designs esthetic and would love the opportunity to style their products again one day!

 SCC: What is the most unusual request from a client that you’ve had and how did you meet that challenge?

TB: I rarely consider any request from a client unusual, since my job is to help bring their vision to life for the party. I work with many brides, bridesmaids, friends and mothers through dozens of emails with color swatches and samples to make sure I get their order just right! And if I am approached about creating custom party decor, I am usually up for the challenge! This was exactly how my tassel backdrops were born after a customer spotted my tassel garlands and asked if I could transform them into a backdrop. Boy am I glad she did, because backdrops are now one of my favorite party items to create!

 Tassel Backdrop from EtsyOne of Tara’s famous tassel back drops!

SCC: What is your favorite candy or dessert?

TB: Chocolate anything! I consider myself to have a pretty big sweet tooth and am the type of person who always saves room for dessert after dinner. My favorite dessert is cannoli, favorite candy is chocolate covered pretzels and favorite ice cream is cookies and cream!

 SCC: What are your favorite hobbies that you enjoy that might surprise people?

TB: I enjoy reading, staying active and baking but my true passion (while it may not be surprising) is crafting! I love playing around with new mediums and pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone to continually create new things which sometimes become new products. I’m the first to admit that some are huge failures, but if I don’t continue to try, then I’d never stumble on the good ideas…like stuffing giant balloons with confetti, which has been my signature product and best seller since October 2012. 

Giant Confetti BalloonGiant Confetti Balloon!

 SCC: What is the last book that you’ve read? (Or, what is your all-time favorite book and why?)

TB: I’m currently reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner. It is a great summer read and I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of the characters so far and can’t wait to see how the whole story comes together in the ending. My all-time favorite book is The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks. Yep, I am a total sucker for love stories with a good ending and he always seems to get it right!

SCC: How would you describe your personal style?    

TB: I would describe my personal style as creative, detail-oriented and slightly modern. I would also say that when I go for something, whether it is a party theme, branding, home decor design or even just an outfit, I fully commit to a concept and carry it through every detail to make sure everything is cohesive.

OSP_Brand_Shoot smlThis creative and modern dessert table encapsulates Tara’s personal style to a “T”

SCC: What is your favorite Social Media medium and why?

TB: My professional background is in Social Media and Public Relations, so I see the benefit in all social media platforms that allow a business to build personal relationships with new and potential customers. I am constantly on the lookout for the next “big” social media platform to be sure I am not missing anything and try to maintain a balance across all platforms on a regular basis. But if I had to pick a favorite, at the moment I’d have to say Instagram! I am totally addicted to the beautiful imagery, simplicity of interacting with other users and the instant gratification that you get when posting a great photo. I also enjoy that it is not an overly saturated platform (yet!) and isn’t centered on advertisements or making small business pay to use the functionality of the site. 

If you want to keep in touch with Tara and One Stylish Party here are all the details you need to know!





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  1. Tara Berger July 2, 2014 | Reply
    Thank you so much for featuring me as a "candy crush" on your blog! I am honored by the kind words in this article. I have enjoyed working with you in the past and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future!
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