World Cup Party Prep – Great Candy Buffets to Match Your Favorite Teams! Cup Party Prep – Great Candy Buffets to Match Your Favorite Teams!

Sorry to have skipped a week of our World Cup Soccer Party Prepping. I must have blacked out last Thursday. Actually, I had a book club meeting. And you know what book club means, right?

Book ClubSo there you have it.

But this week, I’m making good on my promise and bringing you three great candy buffet ideas to coordinate with the flags from your favorite countries.

Two weeks ago, we gave you candy buffet ideas for Team USA and Team Brazil. I’m purposely keeping these candy buffets down to four candies a piece (that is, per team). The reason is that I’m assuming if you’re having a cup party, you’ll probably want a little candy buffet display of the two teams you’re watching. So four candies per team, eight candies total, seems pretty reasonable.

All right, let’s get this World Cup party started … today I’m leading off with Germany!

Germany’s colors are black, red and yellow – very strong, bold colors. I would keep this candy buffet simple and striking like the flag itself and do a combination of black, red and yellow Sixlets. You can get really creative and layer these in large glass jars to match the flag. And the fourth candy is, of course, soccer-ball foiled chocolate balls.

Germany Candy BuffetSee how easy and on-point that is? Germany and USA play each other on June 26, so now you have the candy buffet for that day taken care of!

By the way, those soccer ball chocolates need to be on any World Cup candy buffet table no matter what team you’re rooting for.

Now for the Mexican candy buffet -

Mexico’s flag colors are green, white and red. And you know what? There are SO MANY assortment packs that have green, white and red candy in them (Christmas, duh) that you can’t go wrong. We have in our recommendations the assortment of malt balls and the assortment of milkies. Plus green and white Sassy Spheres and, of course, Hot Tamales.

Mexico Candy BuffetAnd Spain colors are basics – red and yellow. So, there is a HUGE number of combinations of candy that you can use to create a cool Spain-themed candy buffet.

We’ve chosen red Milkies, yellow Milkies, shimmer yellow Sixlets, and Gummy Fiesta Hats in assorted colors. I think the Fiesta Hats help pick up the pep in this Spanish-spread. Also, This is another flag where you could really easily recreate the color scheme in a large glass jar – layer red Milkies on the bottom, yellow in the middle, and red again on top. Easy-peasy.Spain Candy BuffetAll of this candy (and SO MUCH MORE) is available on our store website – Visit today and get your World Cup party started!



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