Events A to Z: E is for Elephant Themed Parties! A to Z: E is for Elephant Themed Parties!

Welcome back, readers and friends! It’s time for another A to Z post. Today’s theme – E for Elephants – sounds narrow, but is actually such a broad theme that you can do so much with it.

Here are some reasons why we love an elephant theme:

  • - Traditionally, elephant-themed parties are reserved for baby showers or first birthday parties (boy or girl – this is a great gender-neutral theme), but are also perfect for christening or baptism parties, or even the increasingly-popular gender reveal party.
  • - There is never any shortage of elephant decor at home goods type stores and hobby store, not to mention all of the elephant items that can be purchased online.
  • - By selecting an animal as the main theme of your party, you can basically choose any colors you want to go with it. Usually elements of gray or silver are included (because elephants are that color), but good news – gray and silver match virtually every thing. And you can even include other animal and jungle prints.

Let’s look at some examples:

Blue Elephant 1

Blue Elephant 2

This blue elephant christening party is adorable. That cake combines two very popular cake features lately – ruffled frosting and ombre – and makes one very eye-catching centerpiece for the dessert table. Pairing that amazing cake with other candy and desserts – all either blue or white – made planning for this party quite a bit simpler.

Here are some candy suggestions to go with this blue elephant party:

Lilly Pulitzer Elephant 1

Lilly Pulitzer Elephant 2

Now here is a great pink and green elephant themed party! And LOOK at that amazing candy buffet! This party isn’t just pink and green, but it’s actually a Lilly Pulitzer elephant themed party – notice the shabby-chic’ness of the stripes and polkadots? More photos of this party can be found here, so you can see all of the Lilly Pulitzer designs used throughout.

The next party example also uses pinks and greens, so lets look at that one before we talk candy.

Pink and Green Elephant 1

Pink and Green Elephant 2

I really love the printables from this party, don’t you? A mixture of pink and green elephants and circle cut-outs are cute, and those pink and green flower-shaped dessert cups are to-die-for!

Now, here are some of our picks for a stunning pink and green candy buffet:

Pink Elephant 1

Pink Elephant 2

Pink Elephant 3

Working our way into solid pink, white and silver colors, this first girlie-girl party has the BEST party favor of all time for an elephant themed event – PEANUTS!  I love the baggies of peanuts as party favors and the huge jar on the food table. It’s entirely appropriate since everyone knows that elephants love peanuts.

And calling all Mom’s of little girls named Ellie (like the lucky girl from this party) – the name “Ellie” fits in great with an elephant theme. You can have your labels say something like “Thank you for coming to our ‘Ellie-phants’ party” or something cheeky like that.

Pink and Silver Candy that would work are:

Pink Strawberry Rock Candy on Swizzle Sticks

Light Pink Sixlets

Pink and White Marshmallow Poles

Light Pink Bubble Gum Jelly Beans

Hershey’s Kisses

Silver Shimmer Gum Balls

Silver / Gray Milkies

Note that for the two pink and green parties, we suggested pink candies of the brighter “hot” pink variety, whereas here we’re recommending a lighter, more pastel pink.

Pizzazzerie Elephant 1


And finally, we had to include this great way to set up your silverware (or plasticware) for your event. Say it with me  … “So cute.”

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