Event of the Week: Ballerina Themed Birthday Party from This Party Rox!

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Happy Monday, everyone!

Look how lovely this Ballerina themed 5th birthday party is from This Party Rox? It is so sweet and pretty – perfect for a little ballerina princess!






Ok, that tulle table skirt?  I pretty much want to put that on my dining room table and leave it up year-round.

And how cool is it that all of the pretty little party guests each get their own ballerina tutu? What a great idea, BTW, to use that pink polka-dot paper to cover up the fireplace opening and create a backdrop for for the tutus and photographs. Genius! It really ties the room all in together.

Now let’s look at that dessert table a bit closer.

We’ve got your silver shimmer gum balls …



your pink rock candy on swizzle sticks …



a GIANT container of pink Sixlets …



And a delicious pink and silver cake …


Ballerina slipper cake pops …



Stunningly gorgeous ballerina sugar cookies that are practically works of art …


And Hershey’s Kisses!

And check out this next picture … at first I thought it was another type of cake pop, but …


turns out, it’s a giant candied-apple!


Can I bite into that right now? Holy cow, what an amazing spread.

This party was styled and hosted by This Party Rox, a wonderful party planning company in San Diego, CA run by Roxie Magro. She absolutely nailed it with this theme, from the decorations to the sweets to the party favors. Every. Last. Detail.

What a lucky little birthday girl!

And if you’re wondering how they captured such good, warm, professional photos of this event, Roxie’s secret was using Maria Healy Photography to capture all of the special moments.

Let’s take a look at some close-ups of the decor!












Like I said above. This party is perfection down to the last detail!

So for all of our readers in the San Diego area, if you’re looking for a party planner for your child’s next birthday party, look to none other than Roxie Magro of This Party Rox. And to keep track of with Roxie is up to, make sure you “Like” her company’s Facebook page!

More details from this party, such as a full vendor list, can be found at this link.

Thanks Roxie for sharing this great party with us!






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  2. Cherry Jasso March 10, 2016 | Reply
    Hello, my name is Cherry and I am planning a baby shower for my cousin it's her 1st baby. I am very interested in finding out where I can get the ornaments that are hanging from the branches of a center piece ?? I love your decor its amazing and beautiful... We have pretty much everything except those beautiful ornaments. Can you please help me ?? Could I order them from you? Or can you help me find the company that sells them? I greatly appreciate it. Thanks you so much, Many blessings

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