Black, White, Gold and Silver Candy Buffet

Black, White, Gold and Silver Candy Buffet

Winter wedding planning is in full swing these days and one of the most popular Winter Wedding color palettes is the ever-classic Black and White.

But to modern things up, it’s becoming increasingly popular to add a shimmery splash of gold and silver to the mix.

Take a look at this palette from The Perfect Palette to get the feel.

We are ALWAYS getting requests for putting together black and white candy buffets, so in this spirit we’ve done one better – we’ve put together a black, white, gold and silver candy buffet to match this palette.  Here’s what it looks like:

Interested in making this dream candy buffet a reality?  Here’s what you’re looking at column by column:

Black Column:

Gold Column:

Dark Silver Column:

Light Silver Column:

White Column:

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