Red Velvet Popcorn – Gorgeous and Delicious!

Red Velvet Popcorn – Gorgeous and Delicious!

I guess I have a thing for red velvet cake these days. Maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is just on the horizon so I’m wanting all of my sweet treats in red, pink and white,or maybe it’s because red velvet cake is delicious no matter what holiday is approaching and this red velvet popcorn should be a staple in your household all year round.  Hmmmm.

Regardless, this is something that you should make immediately.  Take a look at how amazingly delicious it looks!

You’ll need some white chocolate melts for this recipe, so don’t forget to order those from our website.  For the full recipe and lots more photos jump over to Cookies and Cups.

Also, if you’re looking for empty Valentine’s Day heart boxes, or clear plastic bags to package this in, visit our website for both!

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