Make the Perfect Gingerbread House This Holiday Season!

Make the Perfect Gingerbread House This Holiday Season!

If you’ve ever wondered how to to make a great gingerbread house, check out this video from Marian at Sweetopia.  It’s totally worth the 10 minutes to see her put together a gorgeous and delicious looking edible house.  Also if you go to this link, she provides templates for making the gingerbread house walls too.

Now for the really fun part – the candy!  If you’re planning a gingerbread house making party (like for a child’s class, or a group of friends), we recommend getting your candy in bulk.  For many of these candies you can order by individual color or in an assortment.  Here are some suggestions:

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  1. Marian (Sweetopia) November 16, 2012 | Reply
    Sweet of you to share! Thank you. :) Just a little fyi, the site is (.com is owned by someone else). Would love it if you would change that. Thanks!
  2. Sweet City Candy November 19, 2012 | Reply
    Eeek! Sorry about that - the link has been corrected! :)

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