What to Serve At a School Dance After Party?

What to Serve At a School Dance After Party?

Now that school is back in session, there is one thing on the minds of your high schoolers – HOMECOMING!  That’s right, fall football season has started and that means that sometime in October/November your son or daughter will be preparing for the annual Homecoming Dance, selecting dates, dresses, tuxedos and the ever-important question of what to do after the dance.

A lot of parents these days wisely offer up their homes (basements and backyards usually work best) as a safe, controlled alternative to letting the kids run loose around town where they can get into lots of trouble and mischief.  But a big question remains – what kinds of sweets and snacks do you serve for your high schooler and their friends? Here are a few of our top suggestions.

Backyard Fire Pit Smores Bar! – We write a lot about Smores here, but its for good reason – they’re AWESOME!  And teenagers love them, they’re easy to make, and easy to clean up (toss the wrappers in the fire, right?).  You can get really creative with your Smores bar and include different kinds of chocolate like Cookie’s n Creme, Kit Kats, Nestle Crunch and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Click here for one of our previous articles about putting together and amazing Smores Bar.

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Themed Candy Buffet! Each Homecoming Dance has some sort of underlying theme that all the festivities are loosely based on, such as Under the Sea, Over the Rainbow, Casino Night, etc. Why not carry that theme over to your own party and base an awesome candy buffet on the pre-existing theme from the Homecoming Dance.   Let us know what your Homecoming theme is and we’ll help you put together a fantastic buffet spread for your get-together.

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School Colors! Nothing could be easier than planning a candy buffet based on your kid’s school colors.  And whether your Homecoming is celebrated around a football or basketball game, you can easily include some sports themed goodies along with it.  This previous blog post gives some great examples of candy that you can buy in specific colors (rather than an assortment) and photos of really great school color themed dessert tables.

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