Hello Kitty Party Favors!

Hello Kitty Party Favors!

Do you have a little girly-girl who loves Hello Kitty and wants her birthday party to be Hello Kitty Themed?  We have some fabulous products that will make a huge impact at that party and will bring giant toothy smiles to your little girl’s face, as well as all her lucky friends who get to attend.

First up is the Hello Kitty Candy Necklace.  This delicious candy necklace comes with brightly colored assorted flavors with a Hello Kitty charm.  12 necklaces come per box – the perfect amount for a birthday party!

Next are the adorable and tasty Hello Kitty Marshmallow Pops!  These yummy pops are so darn cute you almost don’t want to eat them!  12 pops come per box.

And finally, who can resist these Hello Kitty Pez Dispensers, perfect for goody bags as well as event decor.  Like the other two items, 12 Pez dispensers come per box!

Here are some other candy items to add to your sweet, pink and while Hello Kitty party!

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