Olympics Party Ideas!

Olympics Party Ideas!

The Summer Olympics are just a week away, so who’s having a party?  Lots of you are probably planning some kind of get-together centered around your favorite sports, whether it’s swimming, gymnastics, women’s soccer or track & field (or whatever other Olympic sport you’re into).

Well we wanted to make that candy buffet you’re planning easy-peasy, so here are our top picks to go along with those famous Olympic Ring colors – Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red.

If you want to keep your candy uniform, try ordering the 5 colors of the rings in these candies.  You’ll be able to display them in large jars and the Olympic color-scheme will remain true.

And you can order these additional candies in American Flag motif to show support to the team!

Also, for your party decor – check out the tutorial on One Charming Party to learn how to make the awesome Team USA Olympic Flag seen above!

Photo Credits: Sara Schmultz via One Charming Party


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