Gorgeous Dress Made of 50,000 Gummy Bears!

Gorgeous Dress Made of 50,000 Gummy Bears!

An Alexander McQueen inspired gown has been created from 50,000 colorful gummy bears!  How amazing is this?  The dress was handmade for TWELV Magazine’s debut issue and weighs a hefty 220 pounds. It takes three super strong people just to move it, so we probably won’t see anyone dancing in it any time soon.

How exactly is a gummy bear dress made? First, steel wire is twisted to create the shape of the dress, then the mold is covered with a sheet of vinyl, and finally each gummy bear is painstakingly glued on in a chevron rainbow pattern. No surprise it took three weeks to finish this elaborate gown.

Above is a photo of the gummy bear dress (left) next to the McQueen inspiration.  What do you think?

Article details and photographs are from Shine.Yahoo.com

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