Delicious Sweet and Salty Snack Mix!

Delicious Sweet and Salty Snack Mix!

I was on one of my favorite sites the other day, Cookies and Cups, and saw this amazingly delicious “Chubby Hubby Snack Mix.”  Just look at these mouthwatering photos and you’ll be itching for the recipe too, right?

This snack mix is a new take on the traditional Chex Party Mix, transformed into a sweet and salty flavor explosion!  It includes Rolos, Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Baking chocolate, pretzels and rice crispies and turns into something truly amazing.  This is a perfect snack for birthday parties, graduation parties, showers and just to have around the house.  I love how Cookies and Cups put serving sized portions in little cupcake wrappers – so cute!

For the recipe, more photos and and funny, witty blogging, click here to Cookies and Cups website.

Photo Credits: All photos are from Cookies and Cups

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