Throw a Golf Par-Tee!

Throw a Golf Par-Tee!

Spring is in full bloom and we’re steamrolling ahead towards summer, so you know what that means – it’s golf season!  Golf is becoming exceedingly popular with people of all ages, thanks to Tiger Woods (pre-Thanksgiving incident 2010, of course) as well as a slew of young whipper-snapper golfers coming up the ranks.  That’s why this is the perfect time to throw a golf “Par-Tee” (get it?)!

Here are a few occasions where a golf themed party will work:

  • Father’s Day (duh!)
  • Dad’s milestone birthday party (like 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 … you know, the primary “golfing years”)
  • Golf is often a spring sport in high school.  If your kid plays on the golf team, why not throw an end-of-season golf-themed party for your kid and their teammates?
  • Adolescent birthday party for a golf-loving kid
  • You’re on a golf league and you want to have an end-of-league party, or it’s one of your teammates birthdays, or just for fun!
Planning a candy buffet or dessert table for a golf party is simple.  Stick to greens and whites for the candy (list below) and take a look at these photos from Hostess With the Mostess for further dessert inspiration (I love the golf ball shaped cake pops and the cupcakes with the golf balls tee’d up on them!).
For more photos and details about this Hostess With the Mostess golf party, click here.
To do a Golf Par-Tee candy buffet, here are some candies that we recommend:

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