Awesomely Colorful Gumball Themed Birthday Party!

Awesomely Colorful Gumball Themed Birthday Party!

Check out this party from – the theme is so simple yet so MUCH can be done with it.  I’m deeply impressed at how well planned and executed this Gumball Themed Birthday Party is.  Just take a look at some of these photos – they speak for themselves.

Here’s what I love so much about this party – the party planner took something as simple as Gumballs and turned it into a fun, exciting, colorful and incredibly awesome party.  As a candy provider we normally encourage a variety of candy for events but with this theme I think its really inventive to stick to the main candy and really drive home hard the gumball theme.  And incorporating polka-dots and other circle shaped throughout the decor, everything looks so flawlessly pulled together.

This party was also rife with huge array of activities for the kids, so please be sure to click here and see all the details on  This website also has TONS more photos, so definitely bookmark it for inspiration.

Also, please note that we have a really great selection of gumballs on our website for sale in bulk quantities at wholesale prices – perfect for this kind of event where you really need a LOT of gumballs to make it work.  Not only can you buy an assorted color pack of gumballs, but you can also order them by color – perfect! Here is a link to our store website.

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