Are You On “Team Mike” or “Team Ike”?

Are You On “Team Mike” or “Team Ike”?

Big news in the candy world today – Mike and Ike (of Mike & Ike’s candy) have broken off their friendship.  It’s sad but true, and now fans of the candy are forced to choose sides – Team Mike or Team Ike.  According to the new Mike & Ike packaging, the fictional Mike character spends too much time on his music and the fictional Ike character is way too into graffiti art, turning the two best buds into fuming “Frenemies.”

Take a look at this video:

It’s a shame – these guys have been best bud’s in the candy business for over 78 years!  Do you think Mike and Ike will get back together?  Voice your opinion on their Facebook page -

Don’t worry – despite the split, you can still buy and enjoy Mike & Ike candy – buy them (in multiple sizes and flavors) here on our website.



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