Product Highlight: Bartons Almond Kisses Tin!

Product Highlight: Bartons Almond Kisses Tin!

If you’ve never had Bartons Almond Kisses, then you’re missing out!

Since 1938 New Yorkers have been enjoying the smoothest, creamiest caramel ever made.  At some point along the way, someone at Bartons decided to add yummy toasted almonds to the mix and Bartons Almond Kisses were born!  Now people from all over the country and world get to enjoy these amazing, delicious caramel covered almonds – a delicacy you don’t want to miss out on!

Bartons Almond Kisses come in this trendy tin with the kisses individually wrapped so you pace yourself between eating instead of chowing down the entire tin in one sitting, like I am tempted to do.

Bartons Almond Kisses are kosher and perfect for Passover gifts.  Click here to order a case of these amazing tins now!

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