Get Crafty with Easter Egg Decorating!

Get Crafty with Easter Egg Decorating!

One of my all-time favorite activities at Easter time is decorating eggs.  I have so many fond memories from childhood with my sister and I sitting at the kitchen table dutifully dying our eggs in vinegar-smelling water and ohhhing and ahhhing over each other’s masterful creations.  I’m realizing now how uncrafty we were, especially since there are so many other fun (and less messy) ways to beautifully decorate Easter eggs.  Here are three of my favorites that I plan to try this year.

Washi Taped Eggs

From the amazing blog,, come these beautiful and easy to make eggs decorated simply and elegantly with different types of washi tape. I feel a bit Homer Simpson “Doh!”-like for not thinking of this before!

Chalkboard Paint Eggs

Take a look at these bad boys, eh?  Once again, I never would have thought to use chalkboard paint on Easter eggs and scrawl special messages on them for Easter, but look at how cute they are?  If you have some extra chalkboard paint laying around from an old project, I definitely recommend trying it out.  Safety note: I think this goes without saying but, probably not a good idea to eat any of the eggs after they’ve been coated in chalkboard paint.

Leaf Print Eggs

Probably my favorite of all three of these projects – just look at how beautiful these leaf-print eggs turned out?  I was fascinated to read these instructions to find out the secret to getting these gorgeous designs perfectly imprinted on dyed eggs – so easy!  Totally going to try it this year!

Photo Credits: Washi Tape Eggs -, Chalkboard Paint Eggs –, Leaf Print Eggs –



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