Kid Friendly Crafts with Peeps!

Kid Friendly Crafts with Peeps!

Lil Sugar came out with an amazing slideshow of really awesome kid friendly crafts that you can make with Peeps this Easter.  These are all adorable and super easy to make.  Here are three favorite Peeps crafts from Lil Sugar’s slide show and we think you’ll enjoy them too! So grab your stash of Peeps (we know you have one!) and get crafty!

Peeps Wreath

How cute and welcoming is this Peeps wreath?  Seeing this on someone’s front door would evoke a smile from even the crabbiest of guests.  All it takes are Peeps, an embroidery hoop, ribbon and glue and you’re good to go!

Push-Up Pop Peeps

Anything in a push-up pop tube these days is considered super cool, so it’s no surprise that we think these Peeps and Cupcake push-up pops are pretty awesome.  They aren’t too hard to make either – just some mini cupcakes, frosting and Peeps – yum!

Peep Houses

Who say’s Ginger Bread Houses are just for Christmas?  Now you can make a sweet little bird house perfect for your Peeps friends.  They’re super easy to construct and are sure to make an excellent afternoon activity for your little ones.

To see all 9 crafts on Lil Sugar, click this link.  Enjoy!

Photo Credits: Peeps Wreath: Stampinmama, Push-Up Pop Peeps: Love From The Oven, Peeps House: Kasey Buick

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