Fun Things to Do with Melted Chocolate!

Fun Things to Do with Melted Chocolate!

I just love dipping things in chocolate, don’t you?  That’s why I love chocolate melts, yummy little chocolate wafers that are super easy to melt down and dip, dunk, drizzle or douse other yummy goodies in.  Today’s post is all about chocolate melts and we have three great recipes that all use chocolate melts (or some form of melted chocolate) that will awaken your taste buds on this cold February morning.

First things first, though.  If you’re looking for chocolate melts and can’t find them at your grocery store, buy them from our website.  We have a huge selection of chocolate melts in milk, white and dark chocolate.  Now that our shameless self promotion is out of the way (well, it is our blog, after all) on to the recipes!

Here is an excellent Chocolate Dipped Berries recipe from Family Fresh Cooking.  Berries are among the best items to dip in chocolate, mainly because you don’t feel so guilty about eating a lot of them because, hey, you’re also eating fruit too.  Family Fresh Cooking pops it’s fruit on yummy cake pop sticks, which makes them extra pretty.  Click here for the recipe!

The second recipe is a yummy caramel and chocolate covered marshmallow from A Turtles Life For Me.  This one is super easy – get large campfire marshmallows, dunk them in melted caramel, let dry, dunk them in melted chocolate.  Eat!  More photos and details can be found here.

And finally, from Tip Junkie we have delicious S’Mores Pops!  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I can’t go very long without doing a post about S’mores.  I don’t know what it is about this combination of chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow, but I can’t get enough!  That’s why of all the things to do with melted chocolate, this one is my favorite.  Click here to get the recipe.



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  1. Leisha white April 8, 2013 | Reply
    I really like your ideas and I've tried them all out there great the best is that I'm only 11 so I can enjoy learning how to cook by my self thanks a lot for all these tips love Leisha white xxx
  2. Rose Dawson March 14, 2015 | Reply
    Thanks so much, this helped with my science experiment and I'm so grateful.

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