Valentine’s Day Party – Cupid’s Post Office

Valentine’s Day Party – Cupid’s Post Office

It’s not too late to get everything ready for your Valentine’s Day party – you’ve got 2 weeks to go, so get started!  This is one of my all-time favorite Valentine’s Day party set-ups called “Cupid’s Post Office” – how adorable?  The wonderful ladies over at Wants and Wishes put this one together (and took fabulous photos to boot!).  Just take a look at some of these amazing photos.

First step to recreating this is to go to Wants and Wishes and get their printables because the party just wouldn’t be the same without them. Second, let’s talk about candy.  There are so many options for candy, the best thing to do is go to our website and check out the selection of Valentine’s Day candy that we have to offer, but if you don’t have time, here are our top picks for what to get.


For even MORE great photos of this event, go to Wants and Wishes.

Photo Credits:  All photos are from Wants and Wishes via Kara’s Party Ideas



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