Best Deals – $50 on Christmas Candy

Best Deals – $50 on Christmas Candy

It’s no secret that people spend a lot of money on Christmas candy, cookies, fudge and sweets.  I know I’ve already spent a small fortune on cookie ingredients alone, not counting all the candy and other sweets.  It’s one of the things that goes with the season and I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t make special treats or buy extra candy to savor and/or share with friends and family around the holidays.  That’s why we wanted to share with you a really great deal on Christmas candy.  For only $50, you can get all of this candy!

Think about it this way – the average house has 4 stockings to stuff, so if you use this candy to fill in the gaps between your stocking stuffers, you’re only spending $12.50 on candy per stocking – not too bad!  A candy loot this size will surely leave you with extra to share with neighbors or artfully display around the house.

Holly Jolly Christmas Lollipops: $12.78 – You get a dozen red, white and green 5 oz. lollipops in a case.

Peppermint Christmas Trees: $11.88 – You get a dozen yummy peppermint Christmas trees decorated with icing in a case.

Foiled Chocolate Tree Ornaments: $12.96 – You get 24 of these delicious and gorgeous milk chocolate ornaments in a case.

Peeps Snowmen: $16.20 – You get 24 delicious, sugary sweet Peeps Snowmen in a case.

Grand Total: $53.82


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