Nostalgic Christmas Candy is Back in a Big Way!

Nostalgic Christmas Candy is Back in a Big Way!

There is no better time of year to get all nostalgic and sentimental about years past than Christmastime, and what better way to reminisce on those fun family memories than to share with each other the wonderful, yummy candy of yesteryear.  We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite old-fashioned Christmas candies for you to enjoy!

Santa’s Coal Bubble Gum: These little sacks of coal have been around for ages.  It’s so much fun to introduce these delicious gag-gifts and stocking stuffers to new members of the family.

Ribbon Candy: Ok, so everyone has a grandma or great aunt who always had a crystal dish of this stuff sitting out on the coffee table at Christmastime, right?  There is no other candy that reminds me of my childhood Christmas’s at my great grandma’s house more than ribbon candy.

Christmas Filled Hard Candies: Well, maybe these little fruity flavored hard candies filled with sugary jelly come pretty close to Ribbon Candy on the Nostalgia-Meter.  I mean, I can clearly picture my sister and I peering into the candy dishes searching for our favorite flavors (lemon for me and raspberry for my sister).

Think about including these old-fashioned candies into your modern Christmas this year!  To see more Christmas Candy visit our website here.

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