Awesome Candy Buffet Take-Away Containers

Awesome Candy Buffet Take-Away Containers

When you go through all the work in putting together a fabulous candy buffet, one of the most overlooked items is the take-away container that party guests use to fill up with goodies and bring home with them.  There are a lot of really fun and creative containers that you can use to make those take-away bags as memorable as the party itself.  Here is a list of some of our favorites with links to where they can be purchased – enjoy!

Purse-Shaped Candy Bag - These are from Nashville Wraps and are just so adorable!  What a perfect candy bag for a girl’s birthday party, baby shower or bridal shower! They come in a wide range of colors too, so check them out!

Gabled Boxes – These are great little boxes that can fit tons and tons of candy in them.  And they are just oh-so-cute and come in a lots of different sizes.  Check out the selection at

Berry Boxes – Berry boxes are coming back in style big time and it’s no wonder – they’re adorable!  I especially like this one, also found at because it has a convenient handle.

Candy Boxes - Just look at these lovely little boxes from Shop Sweet Lulu – they’re so pretty all dressed up with a nice ribbon!  By the way – if you use boxes like this, it’s a nice touch to have pre-cut strands of ribbon available to tie up the boxes after they’re filled.

Designer Boxes - You can also get designer boxes, like these from that are just gorgeous with their black damask design.

Deluxe Candy Bags – Check out these pretty bags from – they have an amazing selection of cellophane bags with all kinds of designs on them.  These are one of my favorites!

Want to see more? Check out each of these vendors sites -


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