Product Highlight: Yummy Chocolate Turkeys!

Product Highlight: Yummy Chocolate Turkeys!

Sandwiched between two major candy holidays, Thanksgiving isn’t usually known for its chocolate and candy – but we’re trying to change that!  There are SO MANY kinds of Thanksgiving goodies to be eaten and shared, and we have a groups put together here exclusively of chocolate turkeys to choose from.

1 oz. Chocolate Turkeys – these colorful, foil-wrapped birds are perfect for sending with your child to his or her Thanksgiving party at school, or for dropping in their lunch boxes leading up to Turkey Day.

3/4 oz. Solid Milk Chocolate Turkeys – A solid milk chocolate turkey is a blessed thing.  Scatter these about on your dessert table, or keep in a dish on the coffee table, these little guys aren’t going to last long!

Turkey Pops – Don’t forget about chocolate turkeys on a stick!  These are great for kid’s lunches or for special sweet treats to have around the house.

Bulk Chocolate Turkeys – Check these out, if you need a large amount of chocolate turkeys for a big Thanksgiving event that you’re having then these birds are for you!  Click the link to find out more!


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