Where to Buy Really Cool Party Decor

Where to Buy Really Cool Party Decor

I just don’t know how I haven’t heard of this website before, but I found it last night and can’t get enough!  Plus, since so many of our readers come here for party and event tips, then this website is a must-have. Shop Sweet Lulu is an online store that just had it’s 1-year anniversary and she sums up the theme of her shop by saying:

“The shop simply carries things that make a party pretty.  Things that are so lovely or charming or sweet that they make me squeal when I discover them.”

I must say, these things make me squeal with delight too!  It was sooo hard to narrow this down, but here are my five favorite things on ShopSweetLulu.com that are must-have’s for a party, especially a party with a candy buffet.

5. Glass Cupcake Stands – These adorable little glass cupcake stands come in 3 sizes – 10″, 12″ and 14″ tall – and come with their own lid.  I know the name say’s they are for cupcakes, but the really are absolutely perfect for a candy buffet!

4. Rainbow Polka-Dot Straws! These colorful polka-dot straws are perfect for any party!

3. Ice Cream Truck with Cups!  What a great way to serve up sweet treats to little ones at a party!  These little cups are just the right size for ice cream sundaes or for a candy buffet!

2. Mini Gable Dot Boxes! Ok, seriously – how much cuter can goody bags get than these little gift boxes?  These are the perfect little boxes for sending kids home with candy and treats from the party!

1. Vintage Style Glass Jars! Like I said at the beginning, my favorites have to do with putting on a great candy buffet, and it’s really tough to beat good old fashioned glass mason jars like these.  You simply can’t go wrong!

Photo Credits: All photos come from ShopSweetLulu.com.

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