All Time Top 5 Favorite Hard Candies

All Time Top 5 Favorite Hard Candies

I’m reading the book High Fidelity by Nick Hornby right now and, much like in the movie starring John Cusack, the main character and his buddies are always making all-time “Top 5″ lists.  So, in the spirit of the book, I’ve made my “All Time Top 5 Hard Candies.”

To be fair, I have not included any lollipops or suckers on this list, because, after all, Top 5 Lollipops/suckers can be a whole list of it’s own.

I, personally, am a huge fan of hard candies and keep a secret stash of them everywhere – desk drawer, car, purse, kitchen, etc.  The best kind, to me, are individually wrapped and solid candy all the way through (no gum or gooey substance in the middle).

Let me know what you think of the list and share with us your top 5 favorite hard candies in the comments section!

5. Lemon Drops - The only reason Lemon Drops are not higher up on the list is that they don’t come individually wrapped. Lemon Heads, of course do come individually wrapped, but they’re a little too soft to be put on the All Time Top 5 Hard Candy list.  Aside from from the non-wrapping, these little yummy candies are close to lemony perfection.

4. Werthers Original - Ahhh, the candy everyone’s grandma or grandpa had stashed away for a rainy day delight.  These yummy caramel-flavored candies not only elicit nostalgic childhood memories, but for caramel lovers, there is just nothing else like ‘em.

3. Atomic Fireballs - I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I can eat these suckers until my mouth is raw and my taste buds have burned off.  The strike against Fireballs is that they is a finite amount you can eat in 1 sitting.  My record is 8, but then I couldn’t taste anything else for days.

2. Jolly Ranchers - These fruity little candies pack a powerful flavor punch and are perfect for stashing away in a purse or desk drawer from when you need a sweet treat.

1. Root Beer Barrels - This might be a controversial #1 for some people, but in my mind, a Root Beer Barrel is a perfect hard candy. Individually wrapped? Check. Strong, sweet root beer flavor? Check.  Hard candy through and through? Check. Evokes good childhood memories? Check. Does not get gooey or gummy when forgotten about for a long time? Check.



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  1. usa sweet confections August 17, 2011 | Reply
    I've taste already the Root Beer Barrels and its pretty hard. And sure my teeth suffers a heavy damage. But I like the flavor of it, just the flavor only.

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