How to Create An Eye Catching and Mouthwatering Candy Buffet

How to Create An Eye Catching and Mouthwatering Candy Buffet

We frequently post candy lists and ideas for themed candy buffets on our blog, but we haven’t often given tips on exactly how to create a truly amazing, eye-catching, mouth-watering candy buffet that is both a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.  I read a great article by Kelly Adcock, an writer who focuses on DIY projects, that gives excellent and practical tips for creating your candy buffet and we’re sharing some of those tips here for you!

Tip 1: Consider the Containers

Containers can really make or break your display, but the certainly don’t have to break your budget.  Here are Kelly’s container tips:

The first thing you need to do is find containers, scoops and tongs. As clear containers usually work the best for display, start looking through your cupboards and make a list of what you have and then what you will need.  You can rent and borrow containers (check with your wedding planner, florist, or rental shop for ideas and options) or you can purchase them.

Be creative and coordinating.  Various shapes and sizes are a must.  Apothecaries are super darling as well as footed urns and bowls.  The look of glass cookie and canisters with lids mix well with wide glass cylinders and find double duty when moved back into the home holding anything from flour and sugar in the kitchen to cotton balls and fun sponges in the bath.  It’s great to mix and match types of containers and trays.  Glass mixes well with other textures silver or white ceramic items.

Tip 2: Theming and Scheming 

We’ve talked about candy color schemes and event themes on this blog endlessly … but there truly are endless ideas to put together a creative event.  If you want to see our candy buffet ideas, just click on this link: Event Ideas.

One of the easiest ways to bring the WOW factor to your display is to choose a color scheme for your candy buffet.  By choosing one to no more than three colors not only will make selections easier, but the display will look amazing!

Incorporating some details from your wedding theme can help make your candy favors even more memorable. Include fortune cookies for an Asian theme, all white and silver candies for a winter wedding and so on.  Or include your favorite childhood candy.  Candy bracelets, ring pops, chick-o-sticks and even the dots on paper can be found [at].  One all time favorite is the long stick lollipops. Including nostalgic candy is a great addition to consider for bringing back those lasting memories.

Don’t forget, you can search our store website, by color, so if all you need are red and black candies, we can help you find just the right kind.

Tip 3: How Much Candy is Enough?

Lucky for you, we sell tons (literally, TONS) of candy in bulk quantities at wholesale prices, making it easy for candy buffet planners to purchase a high enough quantity of candy for less-than-retail prices.

Plan first by how you want the display to look, not necessarily by how many guests are coming. Having enough candy is crucial in making your candy buffet look good.

First, determine how many jars and types of candies you want. It is recommended to have at least 5 to 7 various types of candies and to buy 10 to 15 pounds of each variety. Having plenty of candy will ensure your display looks stunning and your guests will feel like kids in a candy store when they join in this sweet celebration.

Tip 4: Making Your Buffet Beautiful

It’s not too difficult to make candy look good, I mean, it’s CANDY, after all.  But Kelly’s expert tips below will really help you put an expert designer flair to your candy buffet and make it look like a professional event designer put it together instead of you doing it yourself.

For added depth and interest, consider placing your candy jars and display trays at different levels. It’s easy to raise the containers to different heights by putting books or other supporting materials under the table cloth. Sturdy decorative hat or other boxes, dessert stands and larger bowls or vases turned upside down can also help to achieve the leveled look.

Think about the table cloth selection making sure it fits into the overall color and appeal of the event.  Also consider name tags in cute shapes and stylish font on each jar as this is another important layer and decorating element to the overall look and feel.

Make sure to also include favor boxes or small bags so the party goers have something to put their candy selections in.


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