Real Life Party Pics: Candy Party!

Real Life Party Pics: Candy Party!

I came across these party pics on the amazing blog  I love that the party theme is simply “Candy”, leaving the party planner open to a broad range of a candy, decor and games. actually has multiple blog posts detailing her planning process, including sources for where the apothecary jars that hold the candy were purchased and she has some great tips for others who many want to copy this party theme. Here’s an excerpt where she covered the games:

In addition to a few bean bag games, another game I’ve prepared is a candy version of bingo (photo below- on the left).  I gathered a bunch of sweet themed clip art images and then arranged them in PhotoShop to create bingo cards.  So instead of calling bingo numbers, I’ll pull from the stack of calling cards (the individual images) and say, “Does anyone have a chocolate chip cookie?”, and then those who do will mark that spot.  The first to have three sweets in a row is the winner.  I laminated the cards so then can be used again and again.  We’ve already played with them several times as a family.

Check out the photos below and if you want to learn more, hop on over to for all the details.

Photo credit: Glory Albin of

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