Real Life Party Pics – Old Fashioned Ice Cream Party!

Real Life Party Pics – Old Fashioned Ice Cream Party!

I am just loving this – lately I’ve been coming across amazing event photos on very talented event planners’ websites that perfectly match event ideas that we’ve posted here recently.  Some of your may remember that about a month ago we did a post about ice cream sundae party toppings and included a list of some common and not-so-common sundae toppings that you can buy at our online store.

Now, The Hostess Blog (the blog site for The Hostess with the Mostess) has put up photos from a Good Ole Fashioned Ice Cream Party that we must share here.  This is a great reminder of how much fun ice cream parties are for people of all ages, and it shows how creative and colorful you can get with your event decor. Check it out!

Also, in case you want to check our our list of ice cream toppings, here it is again as it originally appeared on our website on June 20.

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