Coffee and Candy – Event Ideas!

Coffee and Candy – Event Ideas!

There are a lot of casual, informal parties happening out there these days, whether personal or corporate, where a coffee / espresso bar is the main feature.  I love shindigs like this because at the heart of it, I’m a casual kind of girl and I like low key affairs.  Coffee is an obsession of mine and no matter how late at night it is, I will never decline a hot, yummy cup of coffee.  Another thing that I’ll never decline is candy, so put the two together and you’ve got an awesome, amazing event idea!

There are tons of coffee compatible candies and we’ve put together a list that will help you set up an amazing candy buffet to go along with your coffee bar at your next event.  Coffee and Candy Events are perfect for a corporate grand opening or to accompany a luncheon, and they’re great for bridal showers and engagement parties.

Just pick 5 or 6 from this list and display then in large clear glass jars with scoops.  Your guests will eat it up – literally!

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