Fun Candy to Send to Your Kids at Summer Camp!

Fun Candy to Send to Your Kids at Summer Camp!

Summer camp season is here, which means kids all over the country are packing their duffle bags, sleeping bags, and camp supplies and heading off for 1, 2 or sometimes many weeks of the summer to fun and exciting camps all over the country.  Now is the time where parents need to be planning what goodies to include in the  mid-camp supply package to be shipped off to your kids.  The arrival of the mid-camp supply package is one of the best days of camp all summer for your kids.  They get so excited to hear from home, receiving a package makes them feel special and loved by their parents, and they get cool stuff to share with their new camp friends!

Here are some of our favorite candies to send to your kids away at camp.  All of these items and fun and cool and definitely sharable.

If your kid has a list  of favorites or if you want some other ideas, check out our online store at!

Sour Flush Candy Toilet

Ok, so I know this sounds and looks gross to adults, but kids absolutely love these things!  They’re plunger shaped lollipops that come with a plastic toilet bowl filled with sour powder.  Boxes come in packs of 12 and include green apple, raspberry and watermelon flavors.

Ginormous Gummi Bear

These huge Gummi Bears that are 100 times larger than regular Gummi Bears, and come on a stick so they can be eaten like a lollipop. These chewy candy treats come in Strawberry/Blue Raspberry and Cherry/Green Apple.

Sour Patch Kids

These sour gummies probably always will be among the most beloved kids candies and a camp favorite.  Even kid idol, Justin Bieber, says they’re his favorite.

Nerds, Mini Boxes

Nerds are always a party favorite among the adolescent crowd, and these mini boxes are perfect to send to your kids at camp for easy sharing.

Bubblicious Gum

The tastiest, yummiest kids gum around – no one gets very far with a pack of this before someone holds out their hand and says “Can I have one?”  Send some of these to your son or daughter at camp and they’ll make friends fast!

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  1. Lynn leslie June 27, 2011 | Reply
    My question is to you have a catalog or something that allows customers to see all the stuff you have or is it all on website.Thank You
  2. Sweet City Candy July 5, 2011 | Reply
    Hi Lynn, All of our products can be found on our store website Thanks!

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