Ice Cream Sundae Special Toppings!

Ice Cream Sundae Special Toppings!

Summertime is often when companies and businesses have their corporate picnics and outings to show their employees how much they are appreciated. One of the greatest things at these events Рat any event, really Рis the ice cream sundae station.  How much fun is it to make your own ice cream sundae with all of the toppings of your choice and to not have to pay crazy per-topping prices at trendy gourmet ice cream and yogurt parlors that have cropped up everywhere?

Or, perhaps your having a birthday party this summer for one of your children and want to have something to suite everyone’s taste buds – an ice cream sundae buffet is a great way to go!

Here are just a few suggestions for what kinds of special toppings you can offer in addition to the expected hot fudge and caramel toppings:

For further inspiration, here are some favorite photos of ice cream sundae bars!

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  1. Michelle February 15, 2012 | Reply
    Beautiful presentation. Well done!
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