History of the Chocolate Bunny

History of the Chocolate Bunny

Have you ever wondered why we eat chocolate bunnies at Easter time?

Since there are more than 60 million chocolate bunnies sold in America every year, we thought it was worth investigating why we even have chocolate bunnies to begin with.

It is said the celebration of spring originated with a celebration of Eostre (Easter), the ancient goddess of fertility.¬† And what animal is known for being extremely fertile? Bunnies!¬† Bunnies and Easter have been associated with each other long before Cadbury’s iconic Easter Bunny commercial circa 1990.

Passed down from generation to generation, Bunnies and Easter have remained synonymous with each other, so it was only natural to create chocolate in the image of this everlasting symbol of spring and fertility, and thus the Chocolate Bunny was born.

As a special treat, here is that wonderful Cadbury Easter commercial:

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