Cool Thanksgiving Candy Craft!

What makes every child smile? Candy!  During the Thanksgiving season, why not try this awesome candy craft? It’s called an Edible Mini Candy Cornucopia.  Every child makes a cornucopia out of construction paper in school, and sure that’s fun, but there’s just one problem with it; you cannot eat it! Try out this craft with your kids or friends! All you’ll need is a few simple items.

-Cellophane or plastic bag
-Runtsor candy corn (or other Thanksgiving colored candy)
-Ice cream cone (sugar cone)
-Ribbon (Thanksgiving colors)
-Sharp knife (adult supervision is needed when doing this project with children)
-Name card (if using as a place card)


1. Using a sharp knife, cut the ice cream cone in half, length wise, creating the “horn” of the cornucopia.

2. Fill cone to overflowing with Runts candy, and placing it inside of cellophane bag.  (You may have to arrange Runts candy from outside of cellophane bag.)

3. Tie at bottom of cone with ribbon and attach name card using ribbon.

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It’s as simple as that! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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