Shh! Don’t Tell

photo for the New York Times by Chad Batka

This man has survived on nothing but a candy diet… and he wrote a book about it. Paul Rudnick’s “I Shudder” describes his life on nothing but sugary delights. “There was never a time when I was not refined-sugar-centric,” he said flatly. “I was always appalled by almost all other foods; I could not understand why anyone wanted them. I did not like the taste, the smell, the concept,” he tells New York Time’s columnist David Coleman.

Mr. Rudnick continues to discuss his love of Hershey products, as well as his avoidance of anything fancy like Godiva, or Maison du Chocolat.

What is the most inspiring in hearing Mr. Rudnick’s tale is that he is perfectly healthy.  Registered dietitian Suzanne Havala Hobbs, notes “Some people defy all odds… The body really can adapt to an amazing range of dietary conditions.”

I have a feeling this is a secret most of us will be keeping to ourselves… ;)

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