The Best Chocolate On Earth

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Last week my grandmother came to visit for a few days.  She was so excited to see my whole family and wanted to know everything about our summer so far.  I explained my internship at Sweet City Candy and she was thrilled, as she loves the subject of candy. She immediately started telling me about her youth when she traveled all around the world and watched chocolatiers who handmade each piece and sold each chocolate for exorbitant amounts.  She talked about visiting Switzerland and the popularity of Godiva chocolate.  She spoke eloquently about Italy and Ferrero Roche candy.

However, she explained, there is one candy over which she has no will power and will devour on sight: “Give me a plain old fashioned Hershey bar – there is no better chocolate on earth – and believe me,” she said, “at my age I know what I’m talking about.”  You can’t argue with her and I don’t have to – I agree that the one of the best chocolate bars is definitely made by Hershey.

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