It’s a Sweet (& Salty!) Life

Kid In a Candy Store

Candy in the Big Apple

Frozen Delights

Presidential Preferences

Katy & Candy

Award-winning recording artist Katy Perry has taken playing CandyLand to a whole  new level. Her hit song “California Gurls”  featuring Snoop Dogg has a number one music video titled Candy-fornia. She made a totally edible set for the music video showcasing giant lollipops, cotton candy clouds, bikini tops made of peppermint candies, a button candy dress, and a gummy bear army. Take a peek – or better yet, take a.

The Mystery of Baby Ruth

The Best Chocolate On Earth


Corporate Candy

Every day at approximately 11:00am and 2:00pm, my supervisor eats a piece of candy in order to tide her over between breakfast and lunch, and then between lunch and dinner. In the cubicle in front of me, Victoria keeps a cute candy pail on her desk filled with all sorts of goodies – in her basket this week are Twizzlers, Sixlets, and Sour Straws. Two rows over, another supervisor keeps.