Ice Cream Construction

Ice Cream Construction

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It’s so beautiful (and hot!) out that we love to reach for something sweet, cold, and delicious, and I found a great recipe on for Ice Cream Sundae Cones that will satisfy any craving. It calls for a lot of chocolate (YES!), malted milk balls, fudge sauce, crushed peanut butter cups, and vanilla or chocolate ice cream. It also calls for peanuts, but I’d rather replace them with almonds.

For this recipe you will need a healthy dose of coordination and patience, but the final product is worth the wait. Your finished waffle cone will have a malted milk ball on the bottom, a layer of ice cream, fudge sauce, and two more scoops of ice cream topped with a chocolate shell and almond slivers. This decadent treat is well on its way to being one of my favorite desserts of the summer.

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